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And to see how you can completely eliminate the struggle of...

👉 what to say in your emails

👉 what to send in your emails

👉 how to get your email community to read, engage & reply to your emails

👉 and most importantly, how to get your email community to buy what you have to offer

And you get this opportunity all because you purchased The Perfect Email Template Workshop.

The workshop you just ordered is actually one step of the process that takes you from a disengaged email list, a list that's not responding to you and not buy from you

... to a list that is hyper-engaged

They know, like and trust you.

... And they need what you have to offer and they actively and excitedly buy it from you.

And your email address is your key to access this workshop you just purchased - where it's waiting for you inside of the ultimate email marketing resource.

Where, by the way...

You'll find the framework and the tools you need to completely change your email marketing results

👉 Inside of this resource there is a vault of amazing strategy sessions where we dive deep into email & marketing strategy

... strategy that works

... strategy that gets results.

The masterclass library alone includes everything from lead magnets, to sequences, to launches... and it just keeps growing.

And when faced with the biggest struggle...

What to say...

You'll find a library of email starters and subject lines that completely knock writers block out of existence

These email starters, subject lines, strategy sessions & master classes are sitting inside of this resource under your name right now...

Normally, just one of the master classes alone sells for $197 and we've never made any of this available to the public.

But in just a second, I'll show you how to keep all of these

(and keep getting fresh starters & subject lines and never struggle with what to say or send in your emails again).

As you know, these are rapidly changing times...

And you don’t have to look far to see all the signs that “business as usual” isn’t so “usual.”

That’s why I’m building the ultimate email marketing resource on earth…

🎁 And I want you to have it as my gift.

As an entrepreneur, you must be focused on building & engaging with your list aka lead generation.

THAT is your business. 

Your business isn’t your expertise.

Your business is building & engaging with your list so that you can share your expertise.

See, online businesses require an email list to be successful and in the beginning of building our businesses, that becomes our focus.

We work on building our list, build build build.

But then, there comes a time when the business starts to get going, and we get busy.

And then… then we back off from list building.

See, in order to have a successful business, we must be list building all the time, regardless of how successful we are in the moment.

And… we must always always always be engaging our list!

This is seen, very clearly, in the real estate business…

Real estate agents do a lot of lead generating when they aren’t busy (but ARE hungry)

and then they become busy working with those leads they generated so they stop lead generating (they’re not hungry you see)

and then they get done working with all of those leads and realize oh, I’m hungry again…

so they start lead generating again.

🤷‍♀️ In other words, their businesses are feast and famine because of their lack of focus on lead generation consistently, day in and day out.

Look at your own business…

do you see an up and down cycle that has wider swings than normal?

I’ll tell you right now that this isn’t just limited to businesses who survive from launch to launch…

it’s about entrepreneurs who pull their foot off the gas of list building and they aren’t consistently list engaging.

I see it every single day… 

So many entrepreneurs going through courses like

👉 Product Launch Formula
👉 Digital Course Academy
👉 B-School

and multiple other courses…

Building out funnels, and memberships and online courses...

Figuring out their ICA and creating their launches

and then asking

“how do I warm up a cold list.”


It’s ALWAYS harder to get started and build up momentum than it is to maintain momentum.

Think of a hand water pump.

It takes a lot of work to pump the water up through the pump but…

once you’ve got it going, you can considerably slow down the pumping action and still maintain a steady flow of water.

But, when you stop pumping… that’s when it gets hard again.

See, it’s fun to pursue all the shiny new things and create new products and resources for your business.

But… if you aren’t simply growing and engaging with your list, your business is dying.

The very foundation of your business success IS your email list and it’s NOT about how big your list is,

it’s about consistently growing it with engaged people.

And if you aren’t emailing your list, you aren’t engaging your people.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that that sporadic email you send is “engaging” your list…

or that that monthly “newsletter” you send is keeping your list warm.

Don’t lie to yourself that sending emails that are always selling is somehow going to grow your business…

it might in the short term but in the long term?

Your list will grow cold… by simply ignoring what you send to them because you’re always selling.

See, successful email marketing… being able to get more than half (over 50%) of your list (of any size) to open, read and respond to your emails

is the key to your business AND, it is absolutely the easiest thing to do…

It’s so simple in fact that we poo poo its simplicity…

🤔 that we get “bored” with how simple it really is…

🤔that we fall prey to shiny object syndrome and think we need to

😳create automated 7-10-12 email “welcome sequences” or have “indoctrination sequences”

😤when in fact, those sequences KILL our future open rates!

So what do you do?

You join me inside of the eCLUB where you never have to worry about what to say in your emails, ever again and…

you never fall prey to the cult of inconsistency.

Oh yes, I said cult… because it’s a place where everyone feels “accepted and normal”

but it’s the worst thing for you because it alienates you from your email community which is the last thing you want.

You need to know how to engage your email community week in and week out…

You also need to know what is factual and what is fiction when it comes to email marketing 

(and let me tell you, most, if not all, of the email marketing gurus out there are spreading a whole lot of fiction that they believe is truth).

It’s unfortunate but, most people think of an idea, don’t actually test it out for themselves (or anyone else for that matter)

and then “sell” that idea out to the world and the funny thing is…

others parrot that same solution and the reality is…

It’s NOT a solution, it’s not a truth, it doesn’t work.

It's just a pretty idea.

But now, now you have a resource available to you that comes from nearly 3 decades of email marketing…

From multiple business

and multiple upon multiple millions of emails sent

AND, it’s been tested and proven by untold numbers of email using entrepreneurs.

Once inside the eCLUB you’ll have access to…

⭐️ Our amazing community where we’re collaborating and diving in together to overcome email falsehoods and grow our businesses using email in a way that is successful and sustainable.

You'll have access to...

⭐️ Our growing subject line vault, where we’re crowd-sourcing the best subject lines (along with their open rates)

You'll have access to...

⭐️ Weekly email starters that help you never worry about what to say again

You'll have access to...

⭐️ Our monthly live strategy sessions so you stop battling inconsistency & overwhelm

Plus you’ll also get access to our email templates & swipe files and our strategy systems

showing you exactly how to lay out your emails for highest response,

exactly when & what to send to avoid the spam folders,

and how best to leverage your list for the most possible sales.

You’ll also have access to our One-on-One Hotseat sessions

where we’re answering your email marketing questions on a deeper level, specific to your needs.

Plus you’ll have your ticket to our monthly live strategy sessions

helping you move beyond the boring,, predictable and easily ignored emails

that every guru is selling you as “the best email on the planet”

and you’ll quickly & easily create better emails and get better results.

You'll also stay ahead of your competition because you'll have access to our monthly workshops...

... where it's all about capturing people into your list (aka list building)

... connecting with people through your list (aka engaging)

... closing people on your list (aka getting them to buy)

Imagine that...

👉Your email community opening your emails...

👉 Reading to your emails.

👉 Responding to your emails.

👉 Not reporting you as spam.

👉 Not unsubscribing.

😍 And buying what you’re offering.

This is not a pie in the sky dream, but is in fact, the reality for our eCLUB members.

That’s just SOME of what you are going to find inside the eCLUB.

Remember, access to all of this is waiting for you, right now, inside the eCLUB.

Now the resources I just mentioned, are great for someone who knows what they are doing…

Someone who already has a business, already has an email list.

But what if you need some hand-holding?

What if you need step-by-step help...

👉 to get your list started

👉 to sending your first email

👉 to warming up your cold list?

If any of these are your thoughts, then you’ll love this…

We’re also diving into simple & easy ways to start your list,

to create & tweak your lead magnet & landing pages,

to get those emails that you so desperately need to just get started.

We even recommend the all-time best tools to use,

where to invest your money

and where to save your money so you aren’t out in the cold, figuring this all out on your own.

The eCLUB is, without a doubt, the ULTIMATE SHORTCUT to finally crossing off the task “get my email marketing working” on your ‘to do list’...

... and again, this is just a SAMPLE.

Literally, no matter what you want to do with your email list,

we have the content, the training, a step-by-step checklist and more inside.

And if we don’t have it, and you need it, we’ll create it.

I’ve already set it up so that all of these powerful tools and resources are already accessible inside the eCLUB for you.

… but I don’t want you to feel pressured into claiming these amazing resources.

If you’ve decided you’re not interested,

I’ll just put a digital lock on them so you lose your access to all but the Perfect Email Template Workshop you purchased today.

No hard feelings.

But if you know you want to keep your access to the entire email marketing arsenal, this is how you do it…

I want to give you this entire resource today

… just for taking the eCLUB for a test drive

In a sea of “email marketing gurus and experts”

The eCLUB is unique because it is owned and operated by me, Christina Ethridge, a fellow entrepreneur

I actually make money by building a list and engaging with a list

And I’ve done this for nearly 30 years now, across multiple businesses

And I teach you how to do the exact same thing.

In other words

I’m not a journalist or so called researcher

I’m not a vendor out to make a quick buck off you from so-called “proven templates” or “silver bullet software”

I actually do this stuff

And I’m pretty dang good at it.

Every month my eCLUB members receive:

Unfettered access to our members only “mastermind” sessions where we share…

🟢What’s new

🟢 What’s hot

🟢 What’s working

🟢 And we deep dive into strategy

Not only will you get the latest and greatest ideas

... and up-to-the moment “what’s working now” insights

You’ll also have a chance to ask questions to me, my team or anyone else who decides to drop by.

Pretty cool, huh?

(Imagine never having a question going unanswered.)

And don’t worry...

You get every recording, just in case you miss one of these live strategy sessions.

And you're also getting access to our powerful private members only Facebook group.

We’re all about sharing what’s working and getting help with what isn’t.

Our members include entrepreneurs from all over the world from a plethora of industries...

Once you have shown that you are fully committed to this group,

These members will be ready, willing and able, to come to your aid.


you will be expected to do the same!

But heck, don’t just take my word for it.

Listen to members whose businesses have changed after they joined us...

Mitch says:

“I’m getting 60% open rates even after email 20 has gone out (and I’m sending DAILY!)... my fans are eager for what I’m delivering because Christina helped me focus on them!”

Suzan says:

“Christina has helped me with the two things I needed: (1) an understanding of exactly what I needed to do and (2) the guidance and support to help me make it happen. I am now reaching out to my audience more, writing better emails AND getting much better open rates as a result.”

Nancy says:

“The eCLUB is showing me how to send emails that are not only opened but my list replies to me! She also showed me how to look at my numbers and make necessary adjustments to get better deliverability. This has been a game changer for me!”

Oh yeah, there’s more and I almost forgot to mention it

…Literally every time we discover something new and document it,

you’ll see it posted in the eCLUB for use in your own business so you get it all…

Email starters, crowd-sourced subject lines, hotseats, take-action trainings, strategy sessions, and so much more... and we’re growing like mad.

The goal? To be the ultimate email marketing resource on the planet.

To help online entrepreneurs get at least 50% of their emails opened & read.

All of this for less than a cup of coffee every day.

But fair warning, you won’t see this offer again.

Once this window closes, so does your opportunity to join the eCLUB and receive all of these resources.

Access to the eCLUB is not a “the door is always open” membership, currently, your only way in is right here, right now.

⬇ The first step to becoming a member can be found below ⬇

And the entire eCLUB resources & community are waiting for you on the other side.

All you need to do is scroll down, choose the best subscription option for you

And you’re in!

This is your chance to become an insider for a change…

To know exactly what you need to do instead of having to spend all your precious time reading long winded blog posts and attending boring webinars…

But if you believe that email marketing is easy and that you can figure out how to get and sustain and over 50% email open rate…

… that you can easily get your email community to open, read and respond to your emails and ultimately grow your business…

Then simply select REVOKE MY ACCESS and you’ll be downgraded to the basic membership.

You'll still be able to access the Perfect Email Template Workshop that you purchased today but the email starters, workshops, trainings & strategy sessions will be removed from your access.

But if you are who I think you are...

... someone who is passionate about growing your online business,

passionate about growing & engaging your email community,

then we need you (we want you. We want you as part of this group)

Please join us and one by one we’ll form an unstoppable force

Select the upgrade option below right now to join the eCLUB and receive all these amazing gifts...

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