To help you grow quickly, to help you overcome what is holding you back, I'm giving you an exclusive power coaching opportunity. 

45 Minute Power Coaching

One thing I have learned is that focusing in on my ONE Thing is powerful. It moves me forward faster than anything else. When I combine that with a power coaching session, with someone who can help move me forward in my ONE Thing, it's a life changer.

If you are struggling with your real estate lead generation, with the details, with the process, with the mindset, with the journey... if you are able to identify what your ONE Thing is (or maybe you need help figuring out WHAT your ONE Thing is, what your next step is), then a 45 Minute Power Coaching session is exactly what you need.

Once you sign up for a session, I'll send you an email with the Power Coaching guidelines and a focusing question to make the most of your session. Within 48 hours, you'll receive two session options to choose from (you'll have 24 hours to choose your session) and then, we'll meet up and dive into your power coaching session.

Are you ready to make some changes? To get forward momentum? Then let's do this! Grab your Power Coaching session (yes there are a limited number available).

Please note: Power Coaching sessions are non-refundable. Please be sure you are 100% committed before signing up. I'm dedicating my time, saying no to others and am 100% focused on you during your time. This is a non-refundable service. You may purchase multiple sessions. All sessions purchased must be used within 14 days of purchase.