Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.


There are three things you can do today that will bring in real estate leads tomorrow.

Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.

Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.


Now, these three things aren’t one-offs, instead, they are a foundation you begin building today that will bring in leads tomorrow… and every future tomorrow.

In other words, you don’t just do these things one time, like run an ad, and get a one-time amount of leads.

Instead, you build these 3 things and they will continue to bring in real estate leads for you.

That’s what you want, a pipeline that never goes dry.

So what are they?

The first one is getting your Facebook business page setup for lead generation.

Too many real estate agents “create a page” and have no idea what they are doing, nor how to set it up to actually bring in leads.

In fact, one of the major mistakes real estate agents make is throwing up a page and then inviting everyone they know to like it. Another mistake that is made is that it is treated like a destination, an online brochure of sorts.

This is the wrong way to use your Facebook business page, mostly because it simply doesn’t work. And then, you’ll be frustrated and wondering why people keep singing Facebook’s praises and you’re sitting there perplexed that you haven’t gotten any valuable leads from it.

This is a big struggle for real estate agents and it’s exactly why I created a Facebook business page setup checklist specifically for real estate agents.

I created it because setting up your Facebook business page for your real estate business is vastly different than setting it up for a local business, and it’s different than how everyone else sets up their pages.

Getting your page setup the right way will start you on the right path immediately and yes, you’ll likely start getting leads right away just from setting your page up correctly.

However, if you don’t do the next two things I’m going to teach you, you won’t consistently continue to generate leads.

So get your page setup the way I show you in the Facebook page setup checklist and then move onto the next step.

The next step is getting your IDX actually working for you.

First, some of you might be asking what an IDX is. It’s an acronym for Internet Data Exchange and as a REALTOR@ you can purchase IDX service through an IDX provider. IDX providers allow you to share the public facing elements of your local MLS, on your website.

Now, once you have an IDX provider, you need to create what I call “jump links” inside your IDX. This means you create custom searches inside your MLS and your IDX provider gives you a direct URL to that custom search, that you can share with others (via Facebook ads is a great way to share them).

However, there is a caveat. You absolutely must require registration on these jump links. You need to require registration immediately with these links. Not after they’ve seen a house or two or three, but the minute they land on the jump link landing page and see the search list. In order for them to go deeper and see details on a home, you must set up your IDX to require registration.

A lot of IDX providers do not give you, the agent paying for the service, the control you need to capture real estate leads. However, there are a few out there that do give you the control and you want to make sure you’re using those IDX providers.

And finally, you’ve got to have an email marketing solution.

I’m not talking about your real estate CRM (database) and I’m not talking about your gmail account (or sending from your Outlook). I’m talking about a high quality, email specific, marketing solution. Specifically MailChimp or Ontraport.

I highly recommend Ontraport because it will grow with you and allow you to start segmenting your emails and send autoresponders based upon the specific needs of your email community.

However, many agents are strapped for money and so I also recommend MailChimp as a starter option. It’s free. But be warned, you will quickly need to upgrade to the paid version (which is still very inexpensive) almost immediately. And then, within just a couple of weeks, you’ll need to transition to Ontraport. So, I suggest just biting the bullet and starting with Ontraport.

Now, with your EMS (email marketing solution) you’ll need to actually TALK to your email community. This is when you commit to sending out an email at least once every single week that YOU write. Do not send canned crap. Do not allow anyone else to write this email. YOU do it.

Your email community (your leads) need to have a reason to know, like, and trust you, and that begins with their opportunity to get to know you. They can not get to know YOU through canned crap or a ghost writer. In fact, they won’t get to know you and your conversion of those leads will be like the rest of the real estate industry, they’ll be terrible.

With these three things, you’ll build yourself a solid foundation to capture, convert, and close real estate leads.

The resources I talked about in this article are:
Facebook page setup checklist

5 Tricks to ROCK your Facebook business page


I’m curious… how far in advance do you plan out your Facebook content?

Are you an “on the fly” person or an “on the same day” person?

OR, do you plan out your Facebook content a week or month (or more) in advance?

5 tricks to rock your Facebook business page

I’m also curious about how consistent you are when it comes to posting on Facebook.

Are you consistent or are you inconsistent?

Featured Download: The Facebook Posting Schedule. The step-by-step cheatsheet you need to get your Facebook posting on a schedule and bringing in leads (Download Now)

If you’re like most people, you don’t do any planning, you post on the fly and you are inconsistent. You do all random posts and sometimes it’s days and weeks between each of your posts.

I’m going to show you how to plan, prepare, and proceed.

In an ideal world, you’d plan out and write your Facebook content 3 weeks to a month in advance.


Yup! That far in advance.


Because first of all, it virtually eliminates stress and second of all, it drastically increase the quality of your content.

Why does this matter?

Because Facebook and Google have both said that “quality content” is the name of the game. This means that if you want to leverage either of these for your real estate business, you better be creating and sharing quality content aka valuable and relevant content.

And the truth is, quality content is neither created nor curated on the fly. It takes time to gather ideas, answer questions and share.

Here are 5 tricks to help you plan out your content in advance, just like a professional content marketer:

First of all, you’ve got to know who your focus is.

What do I mean? I mean, you need to figure out who your ideal client is and focus solely on them.

Are they a buyer? A seller? An investor? For the love of all that’s content, do not pick all of them. Always remember, when you market to everyone, you market to no one. If you want to capture and convert online real estate leads, you MUST have a singular focus.

Pick one. Stick to that one. It’ll pay you back in huge rewards.

Second of all, you’ve got to figure out what topics your ideal client is interested in.

This is not the time nor place to just throw out articles and hope something sticks. In fact, there is no time or place that it’s beneficial to do this!

If you don’t know what your ideal client is interested in, you need to take some time and think about what they like. If you aren’t sure, poll your past clients and ask them!

Third, you’ve got to create content that is relevant to your client.

How do you create content?

One of the best places I know that just feeds you ideas all day long, is Trulia Voices. Check out their fabulous Q&A forum. Find questions that you can shape to fit your own market and answer them! Not on Trulia Voices of course, but on your own blog!!

To be even more relevant, insert your local market names & details into the questions (think of the questions like a template that you can shape to your local market) and then answer them. Either in written form or video form. Doesn’t matter. Whatever is easiest for you to actual get done, do it.

Fourth, you’ve got to curate content that is interesting to your client.

The beauty of Facebook lead generation is that it’s not just about content you create. It’s about what you provide the consumer. The answer doesn’t have to come from you, you’ve just got to know your consumer and help provide clarity and convenience for them.

So, where can you go to find high value curated content?

Here are some options for you: Home Depot is known for sharing awesome do-it-yourself tips and tricks. Lowe’s is known for teaching about home maintenance. HGTV has got home decor and remodeling ideas coming out their ears and Pinterest… Pinterest allows you to create boards focused on topics or themes that you can share with your audience.

Fifth, think in batches.

Spend one day and get the next 3-4 months of content, done. Batch your time and your work.

Gather questions from Trulia Voices that you can answer over the next several months on your blog (and share your blog articles on Facebook of course).

Spend time on Home Depot, Lowe’s & HGTV finding tips, tricks and trainings your audience will love and gather them up into a spreadsheet that you can then just schedule to share on your Facebook business page.

Hop onto Pinterest and find home improvement boards to inspire you to create boards of your own… create several boards and share one each week with your audience.

By planning ahead, you are more prepared to be fluid and flexible in your content. Plus, you get the huge added benefit of consistency (which is the key factor that makes or breaks your online lead generation).

Here’s my Facebook posting schedule you can use as a cheatsheet to get your posting on a firm schedule and start bringing in real estate leads!

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