Want more engagement on Facebook? Change how & when you post.

Have you ever heard this statement: “Knowing when your fans are online is the key to a successful Facebook business page”?

Well, guess what I’m here to tell you?! I’m here to tell you that you can totally and completely ignore that little doozy of a statement.

That’s right. You don’t need to know when your fans are online. In fact, you don’t need to take the time to know either. In fact, it’s absolutely unnecessary for you to know this for you to have a successful Facebook business page.



As a real estate agent, a successful Facebook business page means that you are generating real leads that are turning into real closings.

THAT is your key focus.

Your key focus for your Facebook business page is not to build a community. It is not to engage your page likes. Your key focus is to drive your page likes into your email database.

To build your list.

This means that you don’t need to spend your time figuring out when people are online (and when they aren’t).

What you do need to figure out is how to leverage the posts on your Facebook business page so that they drive leads into your database.

This is vastly different than focusing on engagement and timing.

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So I’m going to let you in on a little secret.

One of the absolute best things to leverage on your Facebook business page is your posting frequency.

But then, that drives you into the question of “How often should real estate agents post on their Facebook business page.”

And oh boy, people have definite opinions on this subject. With the plethora of types of pages out there and the vast expanse of goals for said pages… you’ve got to know what the right method is for you, as a real estate agent.

In other words, just listening to so-called experts about how often to post isn’t going to help you.

You need a solid plan for your specific situation.

Remember, your focus is to drive traffic from Facebook into your database.

You want to drive the right traffic with the right mindset into your database. In other words, you want people in your target area, who are most likely to want and need your real estate services.

I see people spouting advice on posting frequency from all over the spectrum, including:

  • No more than once a week
  • No more than 3 days a week
  • Daily
  • Multiple times a day

Instead of listening to opinions and individual preferences, you’ve got to go with the facts, and since the “facts” are all over the map, we need to turn to Facebook itself.

This means looking at and understanding, as much as possible, Facebook’s algorithms. Now, I’m not going to get into Facebook’s algorithm in this article. I’ve written several others where I’ve addressed some key algorithm elements.

I am going to get into what you can do to leverage the algorithm to your benefit.

First though, we have a reality check that needs to be faced and that reality check is this. In most cases, rather than seeking out what truly works, we tend to seek out that which supports what we believe to be, or want to be, true.

Case in point, real estate agents think they over contact people when in fact, they grossly under contact people. Now, whether they think this and use it as an excuse, or they think it and it freezes them into inaction, is an individual piece I’m not going to dive into here.

But, the thing is, when it comes to Facebook business page posting frequency, there are multiple elements involved.

How often Facebook puts your posts into your followers NewsFeeds is one such element.

Let me be very clear here: Facebook pushes out business page content significantly less than any other content.

If you’ve built a Facebook page with likes that are not targeted, you’ll get even less presence in the NewsFeed.

If you are posting content on your Facebook page that isn’t valuable, relevant, or interesting to your page likes, you’ll get even less presence in the NewsFeed.

If you aren’t posting frequently enough, you’ll get even less presence in the NewsFeed.

The best thing you can do is build a page with targeted page likes, and then post content that is relevant to your page likes.

No one sees everything you post.

In fact, most people see only a fraction of what you post.

Posts typically have a life span of about 3-4 hours. In other words, if someone isn’t online when you post, the likelihood of them seeing that post is almost non-existent.

Not everyone is online at the same time. You need to post on your page accordingly to overcome this, so that you reach as many people as possible over the course of an entire week.

The best thing you can do is post about once every 4 hours, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The type of posts you post is important.

Variety is the spice of life. You need to post a variety of post types.

Don’t listen to the crowds when they tell you that one specific type of post works best. By the time you hear them say that and then implement it, you’ll already be behind.

Facebook isn’t dumb. They know when people are trying to game the system.

Instead, post a variety of post types including photos, text only, questions, quotes, links, native content, uploaded videos, live streams, etc.

You must be valuable.

Posting often (to leverage Facebook’s algorithm and encourage action) is important. Posting valuable and engaging content is the cream of the crop.

Posting the same thing over and over again will negate your efforts and Facebook sees this and acts accordingly. In other words, if all you’re doing is posting your listings or open houses, Facebook pulls you out of the NewsFeed more and more.

Posting new, fresh, and valuable content several times each day is ideal.

What does this mean for you? As a real estate agent, you need to be seeking out and creating valuable content, valuable resources, that you are giving out to your page likes each and every day.

It’s a lot easier to do than you might think, and it takes a lot less time than we imagine it to take.

Go on the hunt and find some great sources that answer real estate questions. Places like HGTV, Lowe’s, Home Depot, This Old House, etc. Bookmark these sites. They are constantly putting out fresh articles that are interesting and relevant – and you can easily share these articles on your Facebook business page.

Looking back over the last 30 days, how often have you been posting on your Facebook business page?

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Here’s why you don’t have a successful real estate business…

Do you know what the number one problem real estate agents struggle with is?

Do you know why you don’t have the real estate business of your dreams, right this minute?


It’s because of consistency.

The #1 trait the most successful people in the world have is consistency.

Consistently implementing every single day.

Consistently focusing on the lead domino and whacking away at it until it falls. (Gary Keller, The One Thing)

Consistently taking action towards valuable goals.

Consistently doing what should be done, not what needs to be done.

Consistently focusing on the unsexy but important and ignoring the sexy but unimportant.

Consistently following through to the end. To completion.

Consistently living counter-culture to the perceived norm.

Consistently determining what needs to be learned next, and learning it.

So why is it so hard to consistently implement?

For a multitude of reasons…

We are lazy and comfortable.

We want it to be easy. It looks like it should be.

We are dealing with our own insecurities and limiting beliefs.

We are a culture of casting blame and excuses rather than looking inward and accepting responsibility.

We like the sexy, and the nitty gritty of success isn’t sexy.

We compare our hot mess to someone else’s greatest hits.

We don’t like to read and we aren’t willing to change our mindset on this.

We insist we aren’t “techy” and use this as an excuse to stay in our current situation.

We’ve convinced ourselves that “relaxing” is being mindless. That watching TV is a way to relax.

We refuse to believe every single piece of scientific research that says we need 8 hours of sleep – we say we are the exception, when there are zero exceptions.

We refuse to entertain the notion that what we watch (on TV) has a direct correlation on what we do and who we are.

We aren’t willing to do the boring, dull, droll things we need to do each and every day so that we can reach the level of success and live the dream life we want to live.

We keep watching and reading the news and allow the negativity to permeate our brains and drive our mental and physical energy.

We don’t like time blocking because we believe we are being controlled.

We refuse to create and adhere to budgets because we insist people who do that aren’t actually living their lives.

We haven’t surrounded ourselves with people who have the kind of life and business we desire.

We allow ourselves to be influenced by others who have no dreams or goals or aspirations, except to party every weekend.

We go to conferences and trainings and treat them as a “get drunk” party rather than a “grow in life & business” party.

We don’t take action every day.

We don’t implement.

We don’t plan our days, our weeks, our months, our years.

We don’t organize ourselves for success.

We search google for random “studies” that insist that a messy desk is the sign of a “whatever” brain.

We look for crap that supports us staying in our current place, in our current state of mind.

We don’t like being uncomfortable, either mentally or physically.

We haven’t found our passion, something outside of ourselves, to live for.

Guess what. Somewhere, in this list, is you. I’m in there too.

Success takes work. And work starts on ourselves, first.

What are you holding on to that is blocking your ability to be successful?

Consistency trumps creativity every single time.

Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.

There are three things you can do today that will bring in real estate leads tomorrow.

Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.
Do these 3 things today and get real estate leads tomorrow.


Now, these three things aren’t one-offs, instead, they are a foundation you begin building today that will bring in leads tomorrow… and every future tomorrow.

In other words, you don’t just do these things one time, like run an ad, and get a one-time amount of leads.

Instead, you build these 3 things and they will continue to bring in real estate leads for you.

That’s what you want, a pipeline that never goes dry.

So what are they?

The first one is getting your Facebook business page setup for lead generation.

Too many real estate agents “create a page” and have no idea what they are doing, nor how to set it up to actually bring in leads.

In fact, one of the major mistakes real estate agents make is throwing up a page and then inviting everyone they know to like it. Another mistake that is made is that it is treated like a destination, an online brochure of sorts.

This is the wrong way to use your Facebook business page, mostly because it simply doesn’t work. And then, you’ll be frustrated and wondering why people keep singing Facebook’s praises and you’re sitting there perplexed that you haven’t gotten any valuable leads from it.

This is a big struggle for real estate agents and it’s exactly why I created a Facebook business page setup checklist specifically for real estate agents.

I created it because setting up your Facebook business page for your real estate business is vastly different than setting it up for a local business, and it’s different than how everyone else sets up their pages.

Getting your page setup the right way will start you on the right path immediately and yes, you’ll likely start getting leads right away just from setting your page up correctly.

However, if you don’t do the next two things I’m going to teach you, you won’t consistently continue to generate leads.

So get your page setup the way I show you in the Facebook page setup checklist and then move onto the next step.

The next step is getting your IDX actually working for you.

First, some of you might be asking what an IDX is. It’s an acronym for Internet Data Exchange and as a REALTOR@ you can purchase IDX service through an IDX provider. IDX providers allow you to share the public facing elements of your local MLS, on your website.

Now, once you have an IDX provider, you need to create what I call “jump links” inside your IDX. This means you create custom searches inside your MLS and your IDX provider gives you a direct URL to that custom search, that you can share with others (via Facebook ads is a great way to share them).

However, there is a caveat. You absolutely must require registration on these jump links. You need to require registration immediately with these links. Not after they’ve seen a house or two or three, but the minute they land on the jump link landing page and see the search list. In order for them to go deeper and see details on a home, you must set up your IDX to require registration.

A lot of IDX providers do not give you, the agent paying for the service, the control you need to capture real estate leads. However, there are a few out there that do give you the control and you want to make sure you’re using those IDX providers.

And finally, you’ve got to have an email marketing solution.

I’m not talking about your real estate CRM (database) and I’m not talking about your gmail account (or sending from your Outlook). I’m talking about a high quality, email specific, marketing solution. Specifically MailChimp or Ontraport.

I highly recommend Ontraport because it will grow with you and allow you to start segmenting your emails and send autoresponders based upon the specific needs of your email community.

However, many agents are strapped for money and so I also recommend MailChimp as a starter option. It’s free. But be warned, you will quickly need to upgrade to the paid version (which is still very inexpensive) almost immediately. And then, within just a couple of weeks, you’ll need to transition to Ontraport. So, I suggest just biting the bullet and starting with Ontraport.

Now, with your EMS (email marketing solution) you’ll need to actually TALK to your email community. This is when you commit to sending out an email at least once every single week that YOU write. Do not send canned crap. Do not allow anyone else to write this email. YOU do it.

Your email community (your leads) need to have a reason to know, like, and trust you, and that begins with their opportunity to get to know you. They can not get to know YOU through canned crap or a ghost writer. In fact, they won’t get to know you and your conversion of those leads will be like the rest of the real estate industry, they’ll be terrible.

With these three things, you’ll build yourself a solid foundation to capture, convert, and close real estate leads.

The resources I talked about in this article are:
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