I’m not techie, can I just outsource my Facebook lead generation?

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One phrase I hear all the time is the “I’m not techie” phrase.

I really just have to shake my head at this one – it’s said so often, by so many agents, that I’ve come to believe it’s just a phrase parroted around without any thought behind it.

There’s more. A whole lot more. Watch this short #RIBBIT show episode for more…

The key to the answer is understanding that no one is born techie. Being “techie” is a matter of learning, not a matter of being. Every single person who does anything tech related, has learned it.

Often, the very next statement that follows the “I’m not techie” is the one that says “I have ‘real estating’ to do, not tech stuff to learn.”

Funny. I thought you were building a business, which means you have a whole lot of learning to do. Learning about lead generation. Learning about lead conversion. Learning about building your database.

If you use the “I’m not techie” excuse, I want to challenge you on it. You have the ability to learn. Everyone does. The key is knowing what to spend your time learning.

To that end, here’s a first step for you “untechie” real estate agents. Download my Facebook Page Setup Checklist and get your Facebook business page setup to help you generate real estate leads.

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Should I be banning detrimental Facebook page likes when I remove them?

Did you know that Facebook page likes are important?

That they are the determining factor for real estate agents of whether you’ll be successful (or fail) with your Facebook business page?

It’s important to keep your page likes highly targeted and relevant.

So the question comes up… “When removing Facebook page likes on my real estate business page should I ban them?”

Here’s the answer:

But, before you start focusing on your page likes, you need to get your Facebook page setup so that it will actually generate real estate leads for you!

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How long will it take to see commissions from my lead generation?

One of the concerns I hear frequently is agents wondering when they are going to start seeing commissions.

What’s interesting is that this is most commonly asked when it comes to online lead generation but is not asked when it comes to door knocking or attending community events or spending money to “get my name out there.”

It should be asked for every single thing you do for your real estate business.

Check it out:

The key to the answer is knowing that there is a journey to the closing table and that journey requires steps, every single day.

When you step outside of the idea that you can just jump into someone’s life at the right moment, and into the idea that your client is on a customer journey, this changes everything.

To get to the closing table requires consistently moving people along their customer journey.

I talk about this more in the video. Check it out.

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